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Designed for Convenience

Designed for Convenience

Holistic Health Certification through Dr. Llaila Afrika's, comprehensive online training course fits easily into your busy schedule.

Become Certififed Today

Become Certififed Today

Bring your mind, body and spirit together as a certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Healer. Enroll today and change your life and your world.

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Enroll today in the Holistic Health Consultant Certification Course. Become a Certified Healer using Dr. Llaila Afrika's online classroom.

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Participate in comprehensive, interactive classes,using video,text books, and hands-on lab tests as your guide to becoming a Holistic Health Practioner.

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Become a certified Practitioner of Naturopathy, skilled in the holistic methods of evaluation and treatment. Start now by enrolling today. Healing your world is just a click away.

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Holistic Health Consultant Certification with world renowned author, researcher and Physician, Dr. Llaila Afrika is now available online! No matter where you are on the planet, as long as you have high-speed Internet connection, a computer, and the desire to enrich your life, becoming a Certified Holistic Practitioner is easy as 1-2-3.

Using the latest in streaming video technology, students can view each section of the course in full, high quality resolution as they follow along with the accompanying course materials. Have more questions about Dr Afrika's course or other concerns? Read the FAQ (frequently asked questions) before you enroll. The course is self-paced and affordable. Click here to find out more. Or if you're ready now...

Tip # 1

Before enrolling in any online course be sure that your computer system, web-browser and Internet connection are compatible. This website works with most popular browsers. High-speed Internet connections like DSL, cable, satellite or boosted dial-up work best!

Tip # 2

The best way to approach a new subject matter is with an organized, fearless mind. Never doubt yourself. Overcome uncertainties by reading about the topic and talking to professionals in the field of natural medicine. Holistic Health Consultants are truly happy to talk to new students.

Tip # 3

With any course, whether online or in-person, a wise student prepares in advance by making certain that they have everything necessary to start the learning process. A comfortable study space, pencil, pen, and of course a glass of water. Online learning can be very advantageous when it comes to comforts!